Empowering Women to Transform Real Estate Consultancy

Coldwell Banker Gujarat recently hosted an event that focused on inviting women to the Real Estate Market. The vision behind this event was to enhance the participation of women in the real estate sector and our innate belief that it would be a strong dimension to the market. Ms Asha Desai, the Vice President of Coldwell Banker Gujarat articulated this vision succinctly:

“I firmly believe that once more women join this business, the scenario of the market would change significantly as women bring with them a vast collection of skills such as adding an Emotional Quotient, the ability to negotiate, multi-tasking, communication, as well as financial prudence with them, helping customers access more effective Real Estate Consultancy.”

Ms. Asha Desai leads by example as she is a successful real estate consultant with Coldwell Banker Gujarat!

Motivated by her own success, she is dedicated to bringing more women in this business and help them achieve their potential while benefitting the market as well. The event hosted by Coldwell Banker Gujarat was conducted by Ms Asha Desai who discussed several aspects of the real estate market with these eager and promising women.

Further, the seminar also comprised the actions undertaken by Coldwell Banker Gujarat to help women transition into being leading real estate consultants. These include:

  • Skill Development
  • Training Sessions
  • Grooming
  • Understanding Real Estate Jargon
  • Buddy System
  • Understanding the Legal Framework

We are excited to be working on this exclusive program and are committed to bringing in more women to the sector! It is our firm belief that the sector will benefit immensely from what women have to bring to the table.

To know more about this program, you can reach out to us and our team will guide you every step of the way!

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